HOW TO UPGRADE MY NECO/WAEC 2021 RESULT(2021 neco upgrade)




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Upgrade Your WAEC or NECO Result The Best Way



As the 2021 NECO Comes to an End and result is expected to be released anytime soon

We are please to inform you that the following services have commenced

Result upgrade:

For those with low Grades in the exams, those that missed an exam


Those who wish to change the name they used for registration can DM now

*NOTICE:* Result upgrade works before results are released…. Any upgrade after the release of result is most likely to bounce back.

A and B Guaranteed

If you’re reading this… I believe you’re looking for means to upgrade your 2021 WAEC/NECO result, or maybe googled for a similar keyword. You already must have read a lot of garbage about upgrading your results, including some telling you to hack the WAEC/NECO site, well, that’s the most incredible idea I have ever heard of, the truth is, you cannot hack WAEC/NECO site

2021 neco upgrade


You’re here…because God heard your prayers and wants to relieve you. God knows you put so much time and preparation into your exams. It’s very normal for any student who has failed or achieved a poor WAEC/NECO result to think of methods to upgrade his or her result.

I understand how you feel right now. It is unsatisfactory to get a poor WAEC / NECO score after all your hard work.

how to Upgrade NECO Result 2021 (How To Upgrade Neco /Waec Result)

Upgrade neco result 2021 (how to upgrade neco result) within few hours and chill with others. With a guarantee, we will assist you to upgrade your neco result without any stress. 100% legit neco score upgrader is ready and willing to assist you to upgrade your neco result within few hours. Do not think of rewriting neco next year, when you can easily upgrade your neco result with our assistant.

It will be a time & money wasted if you wait to rewrite the neco exam again” when you can easily upgrade the neco score to your heart desire. Those who didn’t write their neco exam with our expo are regrating it now. They thought external examination is child play, which I’m sure you are among. Or probably you didn’t know about us when you wrote your neco exam.

Because, those that we assisted during the exam, aren’t searching for how to upgrade neco result now. Most of them who wrote jamb with our jamb expo have gotten admission to the university. So, this is a great opportunity to make changes” you might even rewrite it next year and still fail again. Shine your eyes, more especially now that you have seen a reliable source.

how to Upgrade NECO Result 2021 (How To Upgrade Neco /Waec Result)

Well, it’s never too late anyway. You can still make changes by upgrading your neco score with us. The amazing thing about our services is that it doesn’t have any side effect. We are going to upgrade your neco result directly from the portal and also make changes at neco head office.

All you have to do right now if truly you want to save yourself from this whole mess is to make a one-time payment of N10,000. And provide us with your details, so that we can process it immediately.

To make the payment simply CALL/WHATSAPP US ON 07041116516 Now

WARNING !!! There’s nothing like negotiating the price, for us to assist you to upgrade your neco result, you must make a payment of N10,000 following the payment link provided above. Do not contact us, if you haven’t pay” because you will be ignored. Now it is left for you to decide whether to upgrade the result or rewrite it next year

  • It could destroy your chances of making it to the university, college, or institution of your choice this year.
  • It could make you be considered a failure.
  • It could make you stay at home while your classmates proceed to the higher institution.
  • You could become miserable worrying over it.
  • It would make you grow older without progressing academically (In the case of exam repeated sittings)

Rational people don’t like a failure, that’s why anyone could do anything to pass. Well, except those who have already given up on themselves.

To upgrade your WAEC/ NECO results you  could:

  1. Rewriting the exam (Next Year). But you have to be very prepared this time.
  2. You can register to write the WAEC/NECO GCE exam as a private candidate (Nov / Dec).


We ensure that every result presented to us is corrected.
Here are some steps we follow to upgrade and enhance your WAEC / NECO result.

#1. We Get your papers remarked

We have candidates who had their NECO/ WAEC results upgraded after they had their papers remarked on by WAEC examiners. In fact, someone had a B2 in General Mathematics and was very sure she deserved an A. And wanted to have her General Mathematics WASSCE paper remarked. However, she decided to accept the B2 since it wasn’t bad.

The fact is:

The teachers who mark WAEC or NECO papers are not perfect. They can make mistakes. They can input the wrong grades for you.

If you are very sure you deserve an A in a subject, meanwhile your WASSCE / WAEC result shows you got a C, you can have that paper remarked. 
Just send the words ‘REMARK’, your NAME, EXAM NO., CENTRE NO., with a valid WAEC RESULT CHECKER CARD to 07041116516

#2. We Get your results cross-checked by WAEC officials

The folks who are in charge of inputting your WASSCE grades to the computerised database of WAEC are not perfect. They can make mistakes and in so doing input the wrong score for you. This is sometimes upsetting.

For example:

We once heard the story of a student who received an A in a subject he was sure he didn’t even deserve a D. He testified in church, and everyone clapped.

A miracle? Well, to him.

What really happened, the IT personnel responsible for uploading NECO / WAEC results to the official website made a typological error.

If you believe your NECO/ WAEC grades do not reflect your actual effort on the exam, you can have it crosschecked.

Just send the words ‘CROSS CHECK’, your NAME, EXAM NO., CENTRE NUMBER, with a valid WAEC RESULT CHECKER CARD to 07041116516

#3. We use an insider to upgrade your WASSCE / WAEC result

We have people in Liberia, The Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leona who’re responsible for inputting, uploading, or upgrading WASSCE / WAEC results to WAEC’s official site.

So far this is the choicest for candidates. It’s the fastest as those other methods may take a while NECO/ WAEC grades do not reflect your actual effort on the exam, you can have it upgraded.

Just send the words ‘UPGRADE’, your NAME, EXAM NO., CENTRE NUMBER, with a valid WAEC RESULT CHECKER CARD to 07041116516

Money is not our primary motive, but those who work behind the scene needs to be soothed. 

This and other services mentioned on this site for enhancing and or upgrading your WAEC/NECO results will cost as little as N5,000.00 – N10,000. Depending on whether you wish to ‘REMARK’, ‘CROSS CHECK’, or ‘MODIFY’ the result.

Remark results 3 Days N5,000
Upgrade / Modify results A day N10,000
CrossCheck results 4 days N5,000


  1. Send the words UPGRADE or CROSS CHECK or REMARK.  
  2.  Along with your full NAME (Surname first)
  3. PASSPORT PHOTO (This is to ensure that you’re the owner of the result you claim and that you’re not impersonating).
  5. After we confirm your identity and reply to the mail. 
    Then you may go ahead to pay the amount to the bank details sent to you.
  6. to 07041116516   

For general enquiries send mail to 07041116516


We don’t recommend Forging your result.

Your forged WASSCE / WAEC result would never be the same as the real one on the WAEC result database. Therefore, you could easily be caught in any WASSCE / WAEC result verification process.

Good luck!

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