New Time Table For 2nd Semester Examination Out At Federal Poly Bida

Fed poly Bida Exam timetable – Federal Polytechnic, Bida (BIDAPOLY) has released the second batch of 2017/2018 academic session second semester examination timetable.

Following Managements postponement of the second batch of the second semester exams earlier scheduled to start on 5th November, 2018, you are please to note the following amendments to the SECOND BATCH OF SECOND SEMESTER 2017/18 EXAM SCHEDULE.

Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

DAY 5 MONDAY 5/11/18 MONDAY 19/11/18
DAY 6 TUESDAY 6/11/18 TUESDAY 20/11/18
DAY 7 WEDNESDAY 7/11/18 WEDNESDAY 21/11/18
DAY 8 THURSDAY 8/11/18 THURSDAY 22/11/18
DAY 9 FRIDAY 9/11/18 FRIDAY 23/11/18
DAY 10 MONDAY 12/11/18 MONDAY 26/11/18
DAY 11 TUESDAY 13/11/18 TUESDAY 27/11/18
DAY 12 WEDNESDAY 14/11/18 WEDNESDAY 28/11/18
DAY 13 THURSDAY 15/11/18 THURSDAY 29/11/18
DAY 14 FRIDAY 16/11/18 FRIDAY 30/11/18
DAY 15 MONDAY 19/11/18 MONDAY 3/12/18
DAY 16 TUESDAY 20/11/18 TUESDAY 4/12/18
DAY 17 WEDNESDAY 21/11/18 WEDNESDAY 5/12/18

Also note that each day’s schedule carry along with it, fixtures, venues and invigilators from the former date to the new date.

Above, please, for your information and compliance.

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