Campus Couples and Cohabitation – Good Or Bad?

Yes Campus Couples.

It’s quite a common thing to see ladies and guys moving around on campus,often times they go about in twos.

In our departments we know those two who are infamously known to always be together.
The nature of the association may or may not be obvious.

It even extends to cohabitation where the guy and the lady share the same room.

I be spotlighting on
*1. What’s your take on campus Couples*
*2. Should ladies and guys cohabit?*
*3. What are benefits and risks if any of cohabitation?*

Let me start by listing the Bad Effect of Cohabitation on Students*

*Poor Results* : This is one of the major dangers of students cohabitation. It is easy to loss focus on their studies, splashing carry overs everywhere and graduating with very poor grade when they finally manage to. Because while others are busy attending classes, doing assignments, writing tests and reading, they would be busy frolicking and playing couple roles at home.

*Increased Financial demands* : The male students in his effort
to be the ideal man and impress his ‘wife’ often takes it upon himself to provide for their upkeep, rent payment, feeding and shopping just like an average husband would. Putting himself into unnecessary financial strain. Stay away from Cohabitation.

*Heart break:* Rarely does campus couple end up as married couple. Because they had enjoyed all the privileges and rights associated with marriage and lost interest in each other before or immediately after graduation, plunging themselves into a devastating heart break, depression, loss of esteem and suicide.

*Risk of Unwanted Pregnancy or STDs* : The increased rate of abortion in Nigeria campuses can rightly be attributed to Student’s cohabitation. This is because neither of the parties is prepared for any parental responsibilities. The risk of contracting a sexual transmitted diseases is equally high. Trust me, Cohabitation isn’t just good! Well there you have it. You can decide for yourself if the practice is really worth the numerous pitfalls before deciding to take part in it. Left to us, nothing beats a focused, undivided attention when it comes to your studies and we hope you will make the right decision. Do you think Campus marriage should be promoted or condemned. Let’s hear you in the comments section.

Advantages / Reasons for cohabitation

# it affords the couple d convenience of more time to assess their relationship

#To save money. Wen they have already established tha the care 4 each other, they see moving together as a way to save money on rent, food, etc

It has increased dramatically over the years.



What’s you take on this topic??



Credit; Big Thinkers Of PUH

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