SNO Nigeria, A Group All Medical And Allied Health Students Should Join

Are you an allied health or medical student?

Then SNO is for you…


The Network Towards Unity for Health

Is a global network of individuals, institutions and organisations aiming to foster equitable community -oriented health services education, research, and policy.

In an official relationship with the World Health Organisation to build Health Professionals

The Network Towards Unity For Health organizes international conference every year where students and health professionals from around the world gather to learn, discuss and collaborate.

Students Network Mission

Is to promote students participation in universal health care construction

Create interdisciplinary collaboration on Public Health issues, including opportunities to interact with professors, peers and Public Health Professionals in working towards the same goal

And also as a training forum for leadership and social decorum especially during conferences

SNO is different from other students Organisation because we link students from other students from different professions, from around the world with a common goal to improve health and we work together to achieve it

To Join The SNO group on WhatsApp, follow this link..

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